Exhibition "Russia of the Future" opens in Makhachkala

The capital's interactive museum, "Russia - My History," is currently hosting an exhibition, "Russia of the Future," which will remain open till August 7. The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to gain insight not only into the history of the country but also into its future prospects. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of distinguished public figures, journalists and guests from other regions.

The organizers highlight that a distinctive aspect of the exhibition is the incorporation of a neural network, which effectively brings images of the past and future to life for the audience. The objective of this novel exhibition is to illustrate that our country not only has a distinguished past but also a promising future. The exhibition delves into various facets of our country's prospective reality, encompassing the latest scientific advancements and projects across diverse domains.

In essence, the exhibition encompasses all the elements that will shape our future. Asiyat Abakarova, the head of the Makhachkala Historical Park, stated that the objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate the latest developments in science and technology, as well as projects in various fields. She highlighted that the exhibition not only celebrates the country's past but also presents a positive outlook on its future.

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