Films about Northern Caucasus shown at regional cinema forum in Pyatigorsk


The documentaries “Imam Shamil. A Hero of His Time” and ”The Russian Caucasus. Three Centuries of Creation” have been shown at the forum of regional cinematography ‘New Vector’. The films were shown on the second day of the forum in the historical park “Russia - My History”. The films are devoted to the history of the Northern Caucasus, personalities who influenced the development of the region and its unification.

The documentary films were viewed by representatives of youth and public organizations, filmmakers, film critics and screenwriters.

“The story of Imam Shamil is a fascinating tale. The film is a sincere attempt to comprehend and understand the course of history, and the role of individuals in history. Ethnographers, historians and experts on Imam Shamil's life all contributed to making of the film. Together with the audience, we understand the historical figures and events that occurred in the Northern Caucasus. The film can be recommended for those interested in local history or as a lesson in history, since nowadays, children and young people read less and watch more pictures. But the most important thing, and as I see it, is that the film is filled with positive emotions and positive energy. It will not leave a bitter taste in a child's mind, but instead, a desire to bring something good into the world. Even though we're talking about war and peace - that's a bit of a paradox or opposition" - the screenwriter Marina Romashko shared her mind.

The New Vector Regional Cinema Forum is a major event for the growth of federal and local cinema. It will take place from June 4th to 6th and will include screenings of films filmed in the North Caucasus region, plenary sessions, meetings, and presentations related to the film industry. The event is organized by the Regional Cinematography Support Fund (RCSF), with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives (PFKI), the government of the Stavropol Territory, and the Union of Russian Cinematographers.

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