Premiere of documentary "The Russian Caucasus" takes place in Makhachkala


The film entitled "The Russian Caucasus: Three Centuries of History," was presented by its producer, Alexander Karmanov. At the opening ceremony Karmanov noted what made this trilogy unique. In his opinion, it is the comprehensive approach to the whole historical period from the marriage of Maria Temryukovna with Ivan the Terrible to the present day.

"Most often you can find films that focus on specific parts of Caucasian history, such as the Caucasian War, the Caucasus' participation in the Great Patriotic War, or the story of Imam Shamil. However, I do not know of any movie that covers the whole spectrum of historical events in the region. Our movie tries to do just that, including everything from the wedding of Ivan the Terrible and Maria Temryukovna, Peter the Great's visit to the Caucasus, the Second World War and the development of industry, the North Caucasus' contribution to space exploration, and even the difficult moments of the revolution.

The film was shot in Moscow, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol, Georgievsk, Vladikavkaz and Derbent. More than 50 experts from the North Caucasian Federal District and other regions of Russia took part in the production of the film" - the film producer said.

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