Dagestan intends to increase supplies of agricultural products to Tatarstan


The Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov held a meeting with Oleg Vlasov, Director of Kazan Agro-Industrial Park, on the fields of the international halal fair "Kazan Halal Market", located on the territory of the agro-park.

During the tour of the agricultural park, Abdulmuslimov gained insight into the work of the complex. Currently, products from Dagestan, such as mutton and tomatoes, are being delivered here.

During the meeting, Abdulmuslimov and Vlasov agreed on a forthcoming business visit by a group of representatives from AgroPromPark to Dagestan in order to negotiate contracts with local agricultural producers. The aim of the visit is to establish supply agreements for products such as grapes, apricots, tomatoes, meat and dairy.

The agro-industrial park "Kazan" is a large complex covering an area of 50,000 square meters. Here, the entire technological chain from agricultural production to the final customer is organized: from receiving agricultural products to storing, processing and selling. The infrastructure of the Agro-park fully meets the needs of both sellers and buyers. Seasonal agricultural fairs are one of the most significant social events of the complex.

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