Dagestan takes interest in Tatarstan's fish farming practices

The Republic of Dagestan intends to use the experience of Tatarstan in the construction of closed water systems in fish farming and the organization of agro-tourism in aquafarms.

The Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov visited the fish farming complex "Biosphere-Fish" in Laishevsky municipal district of Tatarstan. The enterprise breeds sturgeon fry using a closed water circulation system. According to idea of the project initiators, the enterprise will ensure the exclusion of sturgeon from the Red Book of the Republic.

The closed-cycle water supply system allows to produce and maintain the stock of fry throughout the year. Such a system allows maintaining water parameters at the required level and minimizing the impact of the farm on the environment.

During negotiations with the management of the company, Abdulmuslimov emphasized that Dagestan is interested in sharing its experience with Tatarstan in the field of aquaculture and agro-tourism development. Both parties discussed possible areas of cooperation and the further exchange of experiences between the fish farms in Dagestan and the company.

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