Vladimir Putin re-elected for new term with record-breaking number of votes

In Chechnya, the support for the Russian president was exceptionally high, with 98.9% of the votes. In Dagestan this figure made approx. 92,7%. There was also significant electoral turnout and support from citizens in other regions of the Northern Caucasus.

The “progressive” communist system did not even gain 5% of the voteы, indicating that the “red project” is definitively and permanently not actual. It is worth noting that Russia's economy is not purely capitalist, but rather multi-structured. The strategic industries, such as high-tech enterprises, the energy sector and railroads, including Rostec, Rosatom, RAO UES, Gazprom, and Russian Railways, are owned or controlled by the state.

Additionally, the largest banks are also state-controlled. It is important to note that socialism should not be limited by Marxist formulas only. There were periods in the USSR when these formulas were not observed and pragmatic actions were taken instead. Furthermore, it is important to note that unregulated capitalism, especially in its peripheral form, nearly led to our downfall in the 1990s.

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