30 thousand residents of foothill zone to be provided with quality water supply in Dagestan

Dagestan is laying a main water pipeline to six settlements in Kazbekovsky municipal district. It is about the villages of Almak, Burtunai, Dylym, Guni, Gostala and Inchkha, where about 30 thousand people live in total.

The water conduit is laid within the framework of the federal target program "Clean Water" and intends to be officially commissioned this year.

"The contractors had already laid more than 6 kilometers of water pipeline, including branches to the villages of Gostala and Inchkha" - the head of the Project Directorate of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Dina Safiullina says. The total length of the facility will make 45 kilometers, 12 tanks with clean water will also be installed.

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