Cynologist from Dagestan and his service dog win All-Russian award

Senior Sergeant Kristina S., a canine instructor from Makhachkala regiment of Federal Service of National Guard of the Russian Federation, and her four-legged partner, a Belgian shepherd dog named Bai, became the winners of the All-Russian Professional Skill Award.

The awarding ceremony of the best dogs and cynologists of Russia took place in Moscow. The specialists of the cynological service of the National Guard and their pets who performed combat tasks in the zone of special military operation are among the winners in the nomination "The best cynologist and service dog".

The senior Sergeant Christina S. and her service dog Bai in the zone of the special military operation helped the soldiers to find weapons and ammunition hidden by criminals, camouflaged landmines, as well as to search for saboteurs and help with mine clearance.

Thus, while conducting reconnaissance and search activities in Zaporizhzhya region, a canine instructor and her four-legged assistant found caches with ammunition and explosives. In one of the caches, the engineering team found about 200 rounds of ammunition, including RPG-7B rounds, powder charges for the rounds, hand grenades and other explosive items.

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