Dagestan ombudsman urges to revise approach to upbringing children after incident

After the violent brawl in Makhachkala among several teens the Ombudsman for Children's Rights in the republic of Dagestan Marina Yezhova urged to reconsider approaches to the upbringing of teenagers. The ombudsman wrote on her VKontakte page that such kind of deliberate actions should be punished.

“We all need to urgently reconsider approaches to the education of young people. We need to stop formalism and should conduct targeted work with the young people and their parents" - Yezhova said.

We are talking about the fight that took place in Makhachkala. The video circulates in the social networks on which two girls of 16 and 17 years beat up their peer, throwing her on the ground and hitting her with hands and feet, while the victim apologizes and asks to stop. According to the regional Internal Affairs Ministry, the minors has recently been registered in the specialized juvenile department.

Later it became known that the offenders did it because of personal animosity. When questioned by the police, the detained teenagers tried to blame the victim for the incident. The law enforcement officials are deciding the issue of initiating criminal proceedings.

The Internal Affairs Ministry also denied the circulating information about the incident's connection to the popular TV series. At the interrogation, the detainees confessed that they had not watched the TV film.

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