North Caucasian republics rate first for absence of bad habits

Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia have topped the rating of Russian regions whose residents are least prone to bad habits. The local residents are least prone to drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco.

The rating of Russian regions by the absence of bad habits among the local residents has been published today, December 4, by RIA "Novosti". It is based on six indicators: the consumption of tobacco products, alcohol sales, the number of crimes committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs, mortality from causes related to the use of alcoholic beverages and the number of crimes related to narcotic drugs and their analogs. The data covers the year 2022.

Chechnya took the first place in the rating, scoring the maximum 100 points. Dagestan (96.1 points) and Ingushetia (95.7 points) are in second and third places with a small gap between them. Kabardino-Balkaria is in fifth place (82.6 points), Volgograd Oblast is in sixth place (79 points), Kalmykia is in 11th place (75.1 points) and so on.

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