Dagestanis invited to participate in "Territory of meanings" Forum in Solnechnogorsk


Registration for the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Territory of Meanings," scheduled to take place in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow on August 1-29, has commenced. The forum will host a diverse range of activities, including care and registration, extracurricular programming, logistics, guest protocol and accompaniment, participant engagement, work at education sites and press service support. Citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 years and over are invited to participate in the Forum activities.

Volunteers will be provided with lodging, sustenance, transportation, and equipment. Educational events and master classes will be organized for them. Three visits of the volunteer corps to the Forum are planned: from August 1 to 29, from August 1 to 11 and from August 13 to 29. "The volunteers of the forum "Territory of Meanings" are genuine co-organizers who contribute to the forum's ambiance and vibrancy" - the forum's director, Alexey Chenskikh stated.

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