"Rosseti” Northern Caucasus opens contact center in Dagestan


The center operators receive calls around the clock via a single multi-channel phone number. The creation of the contact center will improve the quality and efficiency of communication with electricity customers in the region.

The customer service platform of the Dagenergo branch operates 24/7. 12 agents and three dispatchers work in shifts, monitoring the operation of power facilities in real-time. Upon receiving a request from a customer, the information is transferred to Dagenergo specialists.

Special operational teams and field crews of Dagenergo have been formed to promptly respond and eliminate disruptions in power facilities' operation. The main goal of the employees in the new contact center is to respond quickly and restore power to customers.

The contact center is equipped with modern information and analytical monitoring systems, based on domestic IT solutions. These systems allow for online analysis of the operational situation in the country's power grid. The employees of the contact center will also inform residents about planned power outages, as well as the progress and timing of restoration work. Notifications are sent, among other things, through house chats on the Messenger platform.

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