Greg Simons: West builds global liberal project and destroys traditional foundations of society

Western countries encourage desecration of holy scriptures such as the Koran under the guise of freedom of conscience, but do not allow criticism of sexual perversion and deviant behavior, the Swedish university professor Greg Simons says.

As to the Swedish scholar, who teaches at Latvia's Turiba University, the Swedish laws protect freedom of speech, but it only applies to topics that are "approved" by the state's system of power and control. "In Simons’s view there is informally a 'corridor of opinions' and if a person or a group deviate from the permissible thesis, they try to 'correct' them, and if that fails, they (politics, media and state institutions) try to shut them up. If that doesn't work either, then they seek to destroy their reputation and isolate them from society."

The university professor and researcher also notes that Sweden allows burning of holy books "as part of freedom of speech," but that rule does not apply to "criticism of various sexual perversions and deviant behavior or the assertion that there are only two genders, male and female."

"This is categorized as hate speech and intolerance." Thus, there is a rather Orwellian world of ambiguous words. Simons points out that the mantra of "liberal democracy" – the rule of law and respect for human rights - in his view "looks benign only on paper, not in practice."

"Liberal democracy is trying to form a new type of human being, just as the Soviet Union tried to form “Homo Sovieticus”. The project of the new liberal man is deeply anti-utopian and anti-human because it contradicts fundamental aspects of human existence. It contradicts the notion of the traditional family, a clear definition and delineation of the identity, roles and purpose of man and woman in society. Religions such as Islam, Simons says, are treated as "enemies of this deeply politicized ideological project, which is all about 'co-optation - silencing - annihilation of opposing thoughts and ideas."

According to the Swedish scholar, the laws in the West "have become a weapon" and are used as "a tool to realize this global liberal project by destroying the traditional foundations of society." "Religion is seen as a hindrance to the state, which seeks to co-opt independent and traditional religion and/or discredit it and/or silence and destroy it through law," Simons emphasizes.

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