Humanitarian cargo from Dagestan arrives in Orenburg region


The trucks with humanitarian aid that left Dagestan two days ago - on April 18 - have reached their destination. The cargo was received by the Government of Orenburg Region represented by Igor Bunegin.  The cargo includes more than 60 tons of table drinking water and 0.5 tons of personal hygiene products, including disinfectants, detergents, candles, matches and others.

In the Orenburg region, due to the floods, a state of emergency has been declared. The region has begun experiencing a shortage of drinking water and hygiene products.

The Chairman of the Government of Dagestan, Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the region, businesses, arts patrons, charitable organizations and all those who contributed to the collection of humanitarian aid.

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