Salta underground waterfall enters top 10 picturesque waterfalls of Russia


Saltinsky underground waterfall, located in Gunib district, has entered the top 10 picturesque waterfalls of Russia, the travel service "Tutu" reports. Saltinsky waterfall is the only underground waterfall in Dagestan, a natural monument of regional importance. It is one of the most unusual and beautiful places in the region. The waterfall is 20 meters high and is located in the canyon of the Saltinka River near the village of Salta, in the Gunibski municipal district of Dagestan.

To reach the Salta waterfall, one need to travel fr om Makhachkala to Gunib by car. From there, the road leads to the village of Salta, which is about 21 kilometers away. There is a dirt road between Salta and Gunib, leading to the entrance of the gorge, wh ere the trail ends. One will have to walk about 300 more meters to reach the waterfall.

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