There are practically no all-inclusive hotels in Dagestan

According to PEGAS Touristik experts, tourists mainly choose beach vacations in Makhachkala, Derbent and Izberbash in hotels with breakfast. As to Alena Gromova from Coral Travel Co, these cities have sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, which is suitable for vacations with children.

Most hotels in Dagestan have no half-board, full-board or all-inclusive tariffs. Therefore, the most popular tariff for accommodation is with breakfast. There is no popular "all-inclusive" system in Dagestan, but 5-6 beach hotels have three meals a day ("full board").

Interestingly, according to Anex experts, 51% of tourists in general prefer to book hotels in Dagestan without meals, as there are no problems with places to eat or snack in the region.

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