Dagestan gets ready to hold international wrestling tournament

Dagestan is ready to host an international wrestling tournament with participation of athletes from the Caspian Sea bordering countries, the head of the republic says.

One of the most popular sport in Dagestan is wrestling. This sport has a long history and is an integral part of the traditional culture of Dagestani people. In Dagestan, wrestling is considered a national treasure and the pride of local residents. Many competitions and tournaments are held here, both for the professional athletes and amateurs.

Another popular sport in Dagestan is boxing. Many famous boxers come from this region. Dagestani boxers are known for their strength, endurance and technicality. They often achieve great success in international competitions and Olympic Games. Boxing is also a popular sport among the locals, and many Dagestanis start boxing as children.

Sambo, another popular form of martial arts in Dagestan, should also be mentioned. Sambo is a combined sport that includes techniques from wrestling, judo and other martial arts. Sambo is also very popular in Dagestan, and local athletes have achieved significant results in international competitions.

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