Saadat Dalgatova becomes ambassador of World Friendship Games

A titled Dagestani athlete has become an ambassador of the World Friendship Games to be held in Moscow and Yekaterinburg on September 15-29. These are the first multi-sport competitions under the aegis of the International Friendship Movement, which include performances in 35 summer sports.

Saadat Dalgatova was presented with an ambassador certificate and a personalized jacket with the World Friendship Games symbols by Alexey Sorokin, Director General of the Games Organizing Committee, in Kazan, where the Games of the Future - the first international multi-sport tournament in the phygital concept - are being held.
"I am very pleased to participate as an ambassador in the preparation and holding of this new wonderful holiday of sport and friendship. The World Friendship Games are not aimed at opposing other major international sports tournaments and are designed to fit harmoniously into the world sports calendar without coming into conflict with any international organization.

This is another major competition where titled athletes from any country can be protected from any form of discrimination with the right to compete under the flag of their country.

For Russian athletes, this is another opportunity to make a name for themselves and glorify their country. The Friendship Games are also attractive for Dagestani martial artists. The program includes both Olympic wrestling, judo, taekwondo and boxing and non-Olympic jiu-jitsu, sambo, karate and mixed martial arts. The impressive prize fund of 4.6 billion rubles should be an additional motivation for the participants of the Friendship Games" – Dalgatova says.

Saadat Dalgatova is a Merited Master of Sport of Russia in boxing, the captain of the Russian women's national team, seven-fold Russian champion, European and world championship medallist, and Olympic participant. She became the second ambassador of the Friendship Games after Svetlana Romashina, a multiple Olympic champion.

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