Daghestan pankration fighters win medals of Eurasia championships

Makhachkala, April 8, 2014. Athletes of Daghestan Pankration Federation won medals of the Eurasia championships taking place in Riga, 5-6 April, Federation’s President Imanali Khanipaev says.

The international competition welcomed over 100 athletes from 10 countries. 4 trainees of Daghestan sport schools were representing the Russian team here. There were competitions in 2 pankration versions – the semicontact pankration and the contact pankration.

Magomedrassul Omarov representing the "Gladiator" Makhachkala club in the 71 kg weight won 2 silver medals.

Gamzat Muradbekov and Askhab Abdulhalikov of the Makhachkala Gasimov club and the "Hellas" club won gold and silver in the 88 and 100 kg weights respectively.

Kamil Alimetov representing the "Champion" Derbent sports club took the 1st and the 2nd places in the 84 kg weight.

In the total standings, the Russian team finished second.

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