Sergei Melikov congratulates Abdulrashid Sadulayev on his victory at Olympic Games in Tokyo

The Acting Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov has congratulated freestyle wrestler Abdulrashid Sadulayev on his victory at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“Abdulrashid Sadulayev proved again that he is the most talented and best wrestler in the world. It was the most anticipated performance, thousands of sports fans clung to their screens with excitement. Our wrestler did not disappoint again! Abdulrashid brought one more gold medal to the national team of Russia. He won convincingly and beautifully” – the congratulatory message runs.

“In the finals, Abdulrashid showed real Dagestan character and defeated his most principled rival - American Kyle Snyder. Congratulations to our "Tank" with the second Olympic gold! Today Sadulayev’s victory is celebrated by the whole of Dagestan, all of Russia! Years will pass and the name of Abdulrashid will be firmly entrenched in the history of sports, and his bright career will be an example for the younger generation! Thank you Abdulrashid! You have conquered another peak and gave all of us unforgettable emotions and a sense of pride!” - Melikov wrote on his Instagram page.

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