Dagestan authorities seek possibility for rare metal resources development

On Thursday, July 20, the authorities of Dagestan and the representatives of Russian Academy of Sciences discussed possibility for the extraction of rare-metal resources in the republic.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the government of Dagestan and the Russian Academy of Sciences signed a cooperation agreement on the development of science, education and high technologies. Then, commenting on its points, the Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov noted that the republic had a diverse and inexhaustible potential, which can be useful to Russian science. For present, the parties have already elaborated on specific areas of joint work.

It has been noted that this area is especially important because Russia is risking to face a shortage of lithium raw materials due to the withdrawal of major suppliers, Chile and Argentina. Lithium can be used in the defense, space, automotive and energy sectors.

The authorities specified that Dagestan's potential in terms of lithium carbonate extraction is up to 6 thousand tons per year. The republic is receiving proposals for the implementation of investment projects to develop these deposits, but is in no hurry to accept them, because of possible negative impact on the environment.

As to Melikov, the works will not start without a serious expert assessment and scientific justification, which is exactly what the Russian Academy of Sciences can provide.

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