Dagestan farmers breed new type of high mountainous sheep

The work on the development of a new type of Dagestan breed of sheep is carried out on the basis of the agricultural firm "Sogratl" in Gunibsky municipal district of the republic.

The branch of the Federal Agricultural Scientific Center across the republic of Dagestan is working on the basis of this agricultural firm to improve the meat and wool qualities of Dagestan high mountainous sheep. For this, the rams of the "Russian Meat Merino" breed are used.

“Very fine merino wool is now in demand. Therefore, since 2018, we have been working to improve the wool and, of course, meat qualities of Dagestan sheep. The first results are very encouraging” - the head of the animal husbandry department of the FASC RD Abdusalam Khozhokov says.

The results obtained during research in the agricultural firm "Sogratl" will be replicated throughout the republic – the local agriculture Ministry officials say.

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