Dagestan Industrial Development Fund supports local company's project to build modular hotels


This year the republican company Metallokonstruktsiya has completed the project of building a modular hotel on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Director of the Industrial Development Fund of the Republic of Dagestan Magomed Isuev got familiarized with the work of the enterprise specializing in the production of metal structures and building products.

In December 2022 the Fund granted Metallokonstruktsiya LLC a loan of RUB 28 million under the Promstroi program. These funds were used to modernize the production of metal structures and metal processing with the use of CNC machines.

As a result, additional jobs were created, qualified specialists were attracted to work and tax revenues to budgets of various levels increased. Currently, the company is involved in large projects throughout the country and supplies products to 48 government contracts worth 1.87 billion rubles.

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