Four large farms reduce grape harvesting in Dagestan

The "DZIV-2" LLC harvested 19 thousand tons, which is 3.8 thousand tons or 17% less compared to the 2022 harvest. The "Vinogradar" LLC harvested 13 thousand tons, which is 4.5 thousand tons or 24% less than the last year indices. Such large farms as "DCC ST" LLC and "Kirovsky" SUE also showed a 27% average decrease.

As to the managers of the enterprises the reasons for the decrease in gross yield is unfavorable weather conditions, damage of grapes by various diseases and pests.

Besides, precipitation in the form of hail that fell at the end of July 2023 had an unfavorable impact. In Karabudakhkent municipal district, vine plantations in the area of more than 375 hectares were damaged with partial damage of grape brushes

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