Author's silverware to be presented at exhibition in Dagestan

The exhibition "Kubachinskoye silver" will be held in Makhachkala (Dagestan) on October 14 – 16. Authors' articles made of silver will be presented at the exhibition in Dagestan. "The event will feature author's silver artworks of more than 60 Kubachinsk masters, as well as other jewelers of the republic," the republican Ministry of Tourism reports in its Telegram channel.

The program includes master classes in the manufacture of Kubachi art products made of silver, decoration of traditional Kubachi shawls "Kaz" and knitting traditional socks - jurabs. "The masters will demonstrate traditions of national creativity, ethnic identity, trends of development of kubachi craftsmanship and Dagestan jewelry production" - the press release runs.

Besides, the exhibition participants will be entertained by creative groups in national costumes. The event is organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts of Dagestan. Kubachi metalwork is a traditional art trade of Dagestan, centered in the village.

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