Photo taken in Dagestan won first place at international contest

The winners of the VI International Photo Contest "Russian Civilization" have just been announced in Moscow. The organizers received over 21 thousand pictures from the participants from 69 countries. The winner in the category "Faces and Generations" was Sergei Kozlov, who presented his work "Mountain Girl". It depicts a woman from the village of Balkhar in the Republic of Dagestan.

"On the way to the ceramic workshop, I met an unusual couple. Through the center of the village an old man was leading a donkey harnessed to a shabby homemade cart with an old woman sitting in it. It became clear that the pottery shop would have to wait. Having pointed my camera on them, I accompanied the old folks all the way. And, with my back to the street, sometimes I looked back to make sure I didn't step into something. So, slowly taking pictures on the move, I accompanied the old people to their vegetable garden outside the village" - the description to the photo on the contest's website runs.

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