Chef from Dagestan succeeds in casting for TV culinary show


40-year-old Ruslan Ramazanov from Makhachakala was one of the contestants in the third season of the TV culinary show "Battle of Chefs" with Konstantin Ivlev and Renat Agzamov.

The TV project is aired on the "Friday!" TV channel. During the casting, Ruslan presented lamb kidneys and roast with vegetables prepared according to his own recipe. If he passes the cooking competition, he will join the team of one of the chefs.

In the upcoming season, the competition will become even more intense, with the chefs facing tests chosen by viewers through live voting in the final of each episode. The viewers will have an opportunity to choose between a "prank" and "joy" option for each chef and influence the outcome of the final episode.

They can vote for their preferred option on the dedicated "Battle of Chefs" page, accessible by scanning a QR code during broadcast. The most engaged viewers will stand to be rewarded with prizes.

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