Equestrian theater to opened in Dagestan

A famous stuntman, choreographer, scriptwriter and director Magomedmurad Musaev approached Sergei Melikov with an idea to open equestrian theater in Dagestan. The head of the republic supported the idea. It is assumed that the theater will be opened in Derbent.

"There is a great panorama there. Most likely, it will be near the sea," the project’s author says.

Musayev was born in the village of Khakhita located in Levashinski municipal district in 1956. After graduating from school, he joined Dagestan State Song and Dance Ensemble under the guidance of Otari Papiashvili. Since 1980 he worked at the hippodrome in Makhachkala as a trainer and taught riding lessons.

In 1989 he underwent an internship in the studio of battle stunt filming in Frunze, mastered elements of jigging, horse stunts, trained in stage combat techniques. He practiced as a stuntman in the feature films "The Tale of Brave Hochbar" and "The Battle of Three Kings".

Musaev created a group of equestrian stuntmen "Murtazeks of Dagestan", which took part in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Imam Shamil in Makhachkala, Moscow, Kaluga, Alma-Ata and Vedeno.

In 2018, the Avadan ensemble under his direction won the Grand Prix of the international competition of choreographic art in Saudi Arabia. For 40 years of creative work, the choreographer has produced many choreographic compositions reflecting the culture and traditions of his native republic.

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