Gorno-Altaisk to host "My Dagestan" exhibition

On December 8, the National Museum named after A.V. Anokhin in the capital of the Altai Republic will host an exhibition “My Dagestan”, which presents ethnographic collections from the National Museum of the Republic of Dagestan named after A. Takho-Godi.

The exhibition is dedicated to the traditions, life-style and crafts of the peoples of Dagestan - one of the most multinational regions of Russia. The guests may get familiarized with the details of architecture and interior of mountain dwellings, views of villages, traditional costumes of the local peoples, jewelry, gold embroidery, weapons, works of applied art, photographs, as well as historical household items of the XIX-XX centuries.

The exposition will also include unique monuments from Untsukul aul - the most ancient center of woodworking, known for its masters of metal carving on hard wood and Balkhar aul - the only surviving center of pottery production. In total, more than 200 original artifacts will be demonstrated to the public.

The exhibition will be decorated with copies of watercolor and painting works by Dagestani artists, including the famous Dagestani master Mueddin-Arabi Jemal, who paid much attention to depicting traditional costume.

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