Spirit of Dagestan Prize Laureate tells about making dolls

The representatives of each ethnic group with its original customs, traditions and language enrich the history and culture of Dagestan and Russia. Among them there is Spirit of Dagestan Award winner Lyubov Nazarova, a native of Tarumovsky district, who has been engaged in needlework for many years and works as a teacher at the district children's art school.

The woman practiced needlework since childhood. Her grandmother taught her to sew and then she learned to crochet and embroidery fr om books. She also attended folk dancing club during her school years at the Culture Centre, wh ere she improved her stage and choreographic skills.
Since 2001 Lyubov Nazarova has been working as a teacher at Tarumovskaya Children's School of Arts. Since 2003 she has successfully participated with her students in national contests. In 2018 she took position of a master of folk arts and crafts at Tarumovsky inter-settlement centre for culture and leisure. After her coming, the centre has decorated a "Russian hut corner" which tells about centuries-old traditions of Russian culture.

Lyubov Nazarova also studied the history of folk dolls and women's national Russian costumes. She created three female images and learned how to make amulets and author dolls. She began to thoroughly study different technologies of sewing, selecting patterns and materials. As a result, she developed her own unique style.

"The dolls are constant companion of man, the first among the toys. But the dolls were not just toys. We convey a system of values of popular culture through them. The outfit reflects aesthetic and spiritual significance. A talismanic doll keeps people from trouble, creates the right attitude, and helps them in their work. Such dolls, as a rule, are not marked in the face, so that bad forces did not come into it. An author's doll, on the contrary, is recognizable, it's a small piece of art, the hero with its own emotions and character"- the craftswoman says.

Lyubov Nazarova also does patchwork and her works are presented at international and regional exhibitions and festivals as well as are in great demand by true connoisseurs of folk art.

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