Valentina Kondashova's exhibition opens in poetry Theatre

The opening of the exhibition of theatre artist Valentina Kondashova will take place February 5 at 17:00 in the Poetry Theatre in Makhachkala, the official telegram channel of the regional Ministry of Culture reports. Valentina Kondashova is the Artistic Director of Avar Theatre and the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Dagestan.

Kondashova staged performances of high professional and artistic level in the Avar State Drama and Music Theatre. “Blood Wedding" by G. Lorca, "Amanat" by A. Khachalov and "Goryanka" by R. Gamzatov among them. These plays got positive reviews from theatre critics and won the hearts of Dagestani audience. They have been included into the golden collection of the theatre history.

The exhibition will be open till February 29. The entrance is free.

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