Dagestan de-privatizes number of utility companies

A number of public utilities in Makhachkala have been returned to the ownership of the republic, the Head of the republic, Sergei Melikov, says in his Telegram channel. According to the region governor, the property of Makhachkalavodokanal, Makhachkalateploenergo, Dagestanenergo JSCs has been de-privatized and returned into state ownership.

"The de-privatization of the city utility enterprises is another step on the way to creating comfortable living conditions for Makhachkala residents. You all know how difficult the situation in this sphere is. But I am sure our residents see and support the hard work of the authorities to overcome the energy crisis. We must understand that there is a lot of work ahead: it is necessary to accept the property, mostly in not the most reliable condition, to immediately begin its modernization and maintenance, while preventing the cessation of services to the population for a single day. This will require not only big efforts, but non popular decisions in the nearest future" - Melikov is cited.

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