Dagestan takes part in Festival of Professions at International Exhibition-Forum "Russia"


The Republic of Dagestan will present priority professions in various sectors of the region at the Festival of Professions, which will be held on April 6 - 12 within the International Exhibition-Forum "Russia".

Dagestan develops and implements projects in road construction, agriculture, social sphere and tourism. The republic has become a favorite place for Russian tourists for active rest. Guests are attracted by nature, many historical monuments, unique handicrafts, cuisine and hospitality of the local residents.

The development of the tourist industry has made the following professions very popular on the labor market "hotel administrator", "tour guide/group leader", "baker", "cook", "confectioner", "hospitality specialist", "tour guide" and others.

At the festival, the republic will offer the guests of its pavilion an opportunity to take part in master classes: on painting Balkhar ceramics, Dagestani folk dance "Lezginka", coffee making and to make an interactive tour of tourist sites. Besides, the guests will be able to play a career guidance game and learn about professions related to Dagestani folk crafts, as well as win prizes in various quests, quizzes and raffles.

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