Dagestani Head Sergei Melikov comments on UK sanctions list

Having participated in the regular sitting of the Council on Science and Education the Head of the Republic of Dagestan Sergei Melikov and the Minister of Education and Science Yakhya Buchaev gave a press conference to the local media.  During it, Melikov commented on the inclusion of his name in the British sanctions list.

"I have nothing to do with this at all. A large number of my colleagues, political and military figures in Russia have already been put on this list. They feel quite well and do not experience any suffering. I have supported and continue to support the Russian Federation in the course of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine from the very beginning to its end. I will support those servicemen who are defending today our country's freedom, its integrity and indivisibility, including in the new territories. I am a soldier of my country, I am a soldier of our President and I will carry out what our Commander-in-Chief orders" - the regional leader said.

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