Experts forecast growth of rice harvest in Dagestan for 2023

Rice harvest in 2023 in Dagestan is forecasted to be at least 140 thousand tons, the regional Minister of Agriculture and Food Mukhtarbiy Adzhekov says. In 2022, the rice harvest in the region amounted to 135 thousand tons. Thus, the republic intends to increase the figure by 4%.
"Rice farming for Dagestan today is one of the most dynamically developing industries. Such growth is ensured due to the fact that Dagestan farmers carry out tremendous work on involving new lands in the turnover and the new projects in the reclamation complex of the republic" Adzhekov said, specifying that this year rice is sown on an area of 31.7 thousand hectares.
As to the top official Dagestan rice is in high demand outside the region.

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