Four new water supply facilities will be launched in Dagestan in 2024

Nearly 49 thousand residents of Dagestan to receive quality potable water in 2024. As to Alexander Nesterov, Dagestan's Acting Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services, 5 water supply facilities will be built in 2023 as part of the Clean Water target project.

"I would like to note that Dagestan is among the top five regions of the Russian Federation in terms of attracting funds for the program. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the water supply system in the city of Buynaksk was scheduled to be finished in 2023. The Chirkey-Buynaksk water pipeline" was commissioned in December 2023. Four more facilities under construction will be put into operation in 2024. The implementation of these measures will provide 48.87 thousand residents of the region with clean potable water", - the top official said.

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