Head of Dagestan meets with Romex group president


On June 9th, the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, met with the president of Romex Group of Companies, Alexey Prokopenko. During the meeting, the parties discussed collaboration in the field of logistics. In December 2023, by executive order of the regional authorities, the "Wholesale and Distribution Center Makhachkala" LLC leased a land plot measuring 20 hectares near the village of Almalo in Kumtorkalinsky municipal District without a tender.

The parties have agreed on continuing cooperation and jointly addressing any issues that may arise during the implementation of the project.

The company is registered in the village of Almalo, but 94% of the company belongs to Alexei Prokopenko, a nationally known owner of trade and logistics centers and co-owner of Romex companies from Krasnodar region. The Romex Group of Companies, known for its successful experience in the construction of wholesale and distribution centers in the regions of Russia, is implementing a project in Dagestan with an investment volume of more than RUB 9.5 billion. The company will construct a warehouse for Ozon in Kumtorkalinsky municipal district.

It is expected that the project will create 25 jobs at the initial stage and approximately 2,000 jobs later. The construction of such a big logistic center would generate a significant number of tax benefits and boost online commerce within the Republic, as well as reduce the time for goods delivery.

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