Kursk Oblast display interest in supplies from Dagestan


The prime minister of the Republic of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov and the deputy vice-governor of Kursk region Sergei Starodubtsev discussed the issues of expanding cooperation between the two regions. Trade turnover was one of the key issues on the agenda.

As indicated in a press release issued by Kursk regional government, the region is interested in expanding the range of products supplied by its partners. According to reports, Dagestani companies may include apricots, rice, grapes, and their processed products into the list.

Sergei Starodubtsev underscored the mutual benefits that would accrue to both parties from the proposed collaboration with the Republic of Dagestan, emphasizing that it would facilitate the realization of the regions' potential in the market.

Furthermore, the parties engaged in discussions pertaining to the advancement of sports and cultural activities. In accordance with the agreement, children from border districts of Kursk will have an opportunity to spend their holidays in Dagestan.

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