Route alternative to Suez Canal to be laid through Dagestan

The representatives of Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan have formed a working group to discuss cargo transportation as part of the North-South international transport corridor, which aims to become an alternative to the Suez Canal.

In addition to discussing the formation of the working group, delegates from Moscow, Tehran, and Baku inspected border and customs terminals along the Russian-Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani-Iranian borders.

As to the representative of the Dagestani government at the Russian Trade Mission in Iran, Andrey Tanayev, the following points were inspected: Astara Iranian, Astara Azerbaijani, Astara South Azerbaijani, Tagirkent-Kazmalyar, and Yarag-Kazmalyar. Tanayev noted that the meeting of the trilateral expert group on settling cargo transportation issues took place "practically for the first time in a decade".

The Russian authorities are hoping that the North-South Corridor will become an alternative to the Suez Canal, providing a direct route for the transportation of goods between Europe and Russia, as well as from Russia to the Persian Gulf and beyond.

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