Security Service of Ukraine attempts to kidnap Russian children

A Ukrainian citizen has been detained by Russian border guards trying to smuggle orphaned children from Kherson region to Germany. The woman has been eventually deported, the RIA Novosti informs. According to the source, the woman came to Russia on the assignment of the Save Ukraine Foundation, associated with the Security Service of Ukraine.

"I am Gurulia Olga Petrovna, born 01.10.1990, [arrived in Russia] with the purpose of taking custody of two children who are in Genichesk (Kherson region) at the request of volunteer Anastasia. <...> Anastasia asked to compose a written guardianship for these children and to move them to Germany" - the detainee says in the video.

Gurulia admitted that she had no family relationships with the children she was planning to move abroad and did noy even knew them personally. According to the woman, the assignment was financed entirely by the same "volunteer Anastasia."

"[Volunteer Anastasia] gave hints, told me to have the numbers in my phone and correspondence so I would delete them before entering Russia" - Gurulia confessed.

According to the instructions received, Gurulia stated purpose of her arrival in Russia at the border as "to obtain Russian citizenship and housing."

"Anastasia said that I was to be met [at Domodedovo airport]" Gurulia said explaining that she did not know the names and phone numbers of the people who were to meet her at the airport. The detainee told law enforcers that she was supposed to go on to Kiev and further to Germany after the custody arrangement.

"I assume that the children could have been left in Kiev or maybe in Germany. <...> After I take them out of Kherson region, they will tell me exactly what will happen to these children next" - she said. The video also captures a conversation between Gurulia and one of organizers of the operation to smuggle children, whom she calls “Yekaterina”.

Gurulia told " Yekaterina" that she was in custody after being detained and then had to be deported to Belarus. "It's okay... we'll pick you up from there and take you to another... another moment, the main thing is that you'll be all right," Gurulia conveys Yekaterina’s answer about what she would have to do after deportation.

According to Gurulia, who spoke on the phone with " Yekaterina" she was instructed in Poland what to tell the Russian authorities on the border about the purpose of her visit.

"First, I said that I was going to get my child <...> They told me in Poland that I should not say anything about my children. <...> I said that perhaps [there were plans to take] three more children," Gurulia told Yekaterina.
According to a source in the Russian law enforcement bodies, several dozen children were planned to be taken abroad with the help of the Save Ukraine Foundation.

"The ultimate goal of Gurulia's trip was to take the children to Germany, Munster, and hand them over to unknown people for a monetary reward. <...> According to our information, such a transportation scheme was to ensure the abduction of several dozen children simultaneously" the agency's interlocutor said.

"This Foundation performs the role of another information battering ram against Russia and allegedly professionally solves the issues of removing children from the liberated territories of the former Ukraine. The West provides large grants for this and the topic of "deportation of children" has become one of the top stories in the foreign media. The West's pretty picture of "saving the children" could have ended with the children themselves with such "guardians. In fact, this is organized kidnapping on an international level. The only thing they can do is to smear Russia with a new fiction" the source believes.

As a result, Gurulia has been deported after screening a conversation.

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