Shadow employment to be legalized in a number of Dagestan municipalities

A pilot project to legalize shadow employment in a number of municipalities is being launched in Dagestan. This was announced by Dagestani vice premier Abdurakhman Makhmudov at a meeting on the reduction of informal employment in the republic.

"We are facing a serious task to bring citizens who illegally carry out entrepreneurial activities out of the shadow economy. No family ties or friendly relations should affect our work in this direction. Each member of special commissions will be strictly responsible for decisions taken. Today up to 50% of individual entrepreneurs are still in the shadow and have violations related to the implementation of commercial activities without registration in tax bodies. This is unacceptable, and we intend to fight it. We need to bring everything in line with the law" – the top official confessed. At the first stage, a pilot project will be realized in Kumtorkala and Shamil districts as well as in the town of Izberbash.

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