Dagestan attracts tourists: demand up 20% this year


In 2023, Russian tourists discovered Dagestan. This year, interest in traveling to the republic continues to increase. Sales of tour packages for the upcoming season are 20% higher compared to last year, owing to the development of resort infrastructure and new accommodation options.

Tourism companies note high demand for vacations in Dagestan. Many visitors to the region are eager to return, choose longer and richer itineraries and combine visits to Dagestan with other regions of the Northern Caucasus, which contributes to the expansion of the operator's offer and geography of tours.

The travelers in Russia take more interest to the sea tours as well. These tours are offered as part of summer trips to Kamchatka and the Kola Peninsula.

The tour operators also confirm the growing interest in educational traveling. Among promising destinations, the companies highlight Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, where the number of available flights on regular airlines is increasing.

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