Dagestan hosts "Yarydag - 2022" festival of tourism, sports and recreation

The festival of tourism, sports and recreation "Yarydag - 2022" took place in Dokuzparinsky district, near the village of Kurush. The event gathered the residents of Dagestan and other regions of Russia in sport and extreme kinds of tourism, as well as the development of active recreation in the mountains of Dagestan.

"The program of the annual event envisages climbing the Yarydag mountain, trekking routes, mountain running and other types of active recreation. The festival was attended by more than 50 fans of mountain tourism from different regions of Russia" - the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts of the Republic of Dagestan reports.

Competitions were held in several categories: "Climbing", "Sports Orienteering" and "Mountain Running". The prize-winners were awarded with cups, medals and valuable prizes.

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