First charitable women's health diagnostic center in South of Russia opens in Derbent

The mayor of Derbent Rustambek Pirmagomedov, the Russian State Duma deputy Mikhail Kizeev and the head of the Social and Cultural Initiatives Foundation in the Field of Women's Health Yuri Kolbasyuk discussed an issue of opening a charitable medical center for diagnosing women's health "White Rose" in Derbent.

The White Rose Center will assist in gaining free comprehensive diagnostics of oncological diseases of the female reproductive system. The project gas been developed by the Social and Cultural Initiatives Foundation since 2010 on the initiative and under the personal guidance of President of the Foundation, Svetlana Medvedeva.

There are 17 such centers in Russia. “Unfortunately, there is still no such center in the south of Russia. Meanwhile, almost three hundred thousand women live in the southern part of Dagestan. Such a center is simply necessary, and I am sure that this problem will be solved soon. This will be the first White Rose center in the Caucasus, but I hope it will not be the only one” – Mikhail Kizeev said.

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