Dagestan hosts second massive all-Russian race Dagestan Wild Trail

The all-Russian cross-country race Dagestan Wild Trail has been launched in Dagestan. It should be noted that the event is held in the republic for the second time. First time it took place in 2019. Then more than 500 people became its participants.
This year Dagestan accepted 1,055 guests. The race is organized by the government of the Republic of Dagestan with the direct support of the All-Russian Athletics Federation and the National Trail Association.

The event is held with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and tourist attractiveness of the region. The declared distances of the race are 117, 52 and 21 and 7 km. The routes are laid through the territories of Levashinsky, Untsukulsky, Gunibsky, Laksky and Gergebilsky municipal districts.

The Minister for Physical Culture and Sports RD Sazhid Sazhidov, the State Secretary RD Khizri Abakarov, as well as the heads of the aforementioned municipalities came to greet the participants and wish them good luck.

The participants of the race finished in the village of Irganay, Untsukulsky district, regardless of the distance. Magomed Aligadzhiev from Akushinsky district achieved the best result among Dagestanis. The prize-winners were presented with various kinds of certificates, souvenirs and memorable gifts. For guests and participants of this event enjoyed an entertaining cultural program prepared by the creative teams from several districts and national cuisine.

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