Milana Dadasheva participates in Olympics - 2016

Makhachkala, August 17, 2016. Today Dagestani sportswoman Milana Dadasheva debuts at the Olympic wrestling tournament among women in Rio. Dadasheva, in the weight category up to 48 kg, will fight against Korean Kim. In the next fight, Dadasheva will oppose to the winners of Eurogames -2015 Elitsa Yankova and Cameroon Muamba.

The most dangerous rival for Dadasheva on the way to the final could be the silver medalist of the Olympic Games - 2012 Maria Stadnik from Azerbaijan. As reported, Dagestani athlete will fight with Stadnik in the semifinals of the Olympic Games. Besides, it is necessary to mention one more experienced athlete - the European champion - 2012 Yvonne Matkowska from Poland.

This year Milana Dadasheva won the Russian championship and entered the Russia’s Olympic team.

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