Moscow adopts focused approach to North Caucasus – Chernikov

Makhachkala, July 22, 2015. Moscow should give serious and immediate consideration to the regions of the North Caucasus– the head of the department for national policy, inter-regional relations and tourism at Moscow government Vladimir Chernikov said in an interview with the correspondent of "Vestnik Kavkaza".
"Our department combines three major areas – the national policy, inter-regional development and tourism. We have agreements with virtually all regions.

Besides, the North Caucasus has a representative place here. In August 2015, we will hold the Days of Moscow in Dagestan. We are actively working with Ingushetia and the colleagues from Chechnya. We have common economic and more importantly, cultural projects. Moreover, we are cooperating in the field of education", - the official said.

"Our objective is to accumulate all the positive experiences that we have to share with colleagues and to take the best from the regions. Of course, we are very pleased that we are able to invite people to Moscow. For the present, we obviously possess a perfect opportunity to invite people to Moscow, using the tourism potential of the city. We will be happy to accept so many people who visit us. But we would like to make an appeal to our colleagues to be the same way accepted in the regions. I think this is the key issue for our success and cooperation ", - Vladimir Chernikov concluded.

The department for national policy, inter-regional relations and tourism was established in March 2015 through the merger of the Department of Interregional Cooperation, National Policy and Relations with Religious Organizations of Moscow with the City Committee for Tourism and Hospitality Management. According to the decision of Moscow government, the merge was organized "to improve the structure of executive bodies of Moscow."

The Department carries out functions on development and implementation of state policy in the sphere of international relations, inter-regional relations and interaction with religious associations in the field of tourism and hotel industry in the city of Moscow and to ensure the implementation of state policy in relation to the Russian Cossacks in Moscow.

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