35 settlements in Dagestan provided with communications and Internet services


Since the beginning of 2024, MTS (cellular operator) has provided communications and mobile internet services to residents of 35 villages in Dagestan with populations ranging fr om 100 to 500. This is in line with the goals of the "Digital Economy" project, which aims to bring digital services to all regions of the country.

The expansion of MTS's network covers 35 villages from a dozen different municipal districts in Dagestan. Most of these villages are located in mountainous areas, wh ere many touristic routes pass, so the improvement of the network coverage in these areas will also contribute to the safety of hikers.

In total, more than 10,000 residents of the region have gained access to MTS's mobile internet and digital services. Last year, base stations were installed in over 70 villages in Dagestan. This year, they will be installed in another 29 villages.

The national project "Digital Economy" aims to accelerate the introduction of digital technologies in economic and social sectors, create conditions for high-tech businesses, increase the country's competitiveness on the global market, strengthen national security, and improve the quality of life for the population. This project will be implemented based on the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin starting in 2019.

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