Dagestan experiences significant increase in number of Chinese tourists

In 2024, Dagestan experiences a significant increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the region for vacation. According to research conducted by several cellular operators, the number of tourists from eastern countries visiting the region increased six-fold compared to the previous year.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Russia has increased significantly. When travelling, Chinese tourists tend to spend a lot of money on shopping and dining. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the preferred destinations, accounting for over 57% of all trips. The other popular destinations include border regions and Dagestan, which is visited by more than one hundred people. Chinese tourists visiting Russia actively use the internet, particularly the WeChat application, which accounts for a quarter of their online activity. Additionally, there is a growing interest in Russia among tourists from other Eastern countries. For instance, tourist traffic from the UAE increased by 2.8 times compared to January 2023.

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