Dagestan authorities intend to revive mountain-valley horticulture

Dagestan authorities found a use for thousands of hectares of abandoned land. Mountain-valley horticulture will be revived on these territories.

“It is necessary to revive mountain-valley farming and horticulture in Dagestan. We have tens of thousands of hectares of land unused today. These lands need to be put into turnover. People living in mountainous areas should not move to the plains because of the lack of job. We need to create appropriate, first of all working, conditions for them. A person who lives in the mountains must be provided with decent work" - the regional Prime Minister Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov says.

As to the top official, the economic development of new territories in the region may become an impetus to the creation of new jobs, decrease in labor migration and serve to improve the welfare of residents.

The republican Ministry of Agriculture informed that the "ECO-Kultura" company plans to build a high-tech greenhouse complex of 200 hectares in the region. The volume of investments in the project is estimated at 30 billion rubles.

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